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Important information about Highlands Ridge

Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

The Covenants of Highlands Ridge require that ALL revisions or alterations to the exterior of every home receive the prior written approval of the ACC.  If you are planning any changes, please contact any member of the ACC and they will guide you through the process to obtain approval.  The name of the current ACC members, as well as required forms to be filled out, can be obtained by contacting the Administration Office.
Click here for our ACC Application.

Commonly Requested Forms

These forms are available at the distribution center. The distribution center is located in the breezeway next to the Administrative Office.

Click here for MC One-Time Authorization for Trash and Advalorem
Click here for Resident Contact Update Form
Click here for Marina Cove Resident Guest Stay Form
Click here for Marina Cove Management Exterior Request Form
Click here for Marina Cove Residency Application Form
Click here for Summer Information Form
Click here for Highlands Ridge Rental Information Form

Copy/Fax Machines

Available at the Administration Office. Residents can copy and fax in the library. The library is available 24/7. Instructions are on the desk in the library.

Drop Box

Located at Founder’s Hall by the mailbox. Please use anytime, including 9 am, noon to 1, and after 4 pm, when the Administration Office is closed, for any type of payment or correspondence.

Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

All communities in Florida similar to Highlands Ridge and Marina Cove are controlled by certain rules. In Highlands Ridge these rules are contained within the “Covenants” and in Marina Cove you will find them in the “Prospectus”.  These documents are different for each community and contain certain rules and conditions applicable to all residents of that community, such as personal conduct, restrictions for the outside appearance of each home, use of common facilities, and much, much more.

Please be sure that you have been given a current copy of the rules for your neighborhood and are familiar with the conditions stated within.

Click Here to read the Official Covenants Documents

Click Here for Amendments to the Covenants

Click here to read the Amended and Updated Covenants for Phase IV

Click here for Assignment of Rights from the Declarant to the HOA

Click here for Rules regarding Implementation of Covenants and Restrictions

Electronic Debit Service

Highlands Ridge has the capability to electronically debit your bank account (any bank in the United States) for your monthly maintenance fee or lot rent. Remember these fees are due on the 1st of each month and you will not receive an invoice. On the 5th  business day of each month, your account will be debited for the amount specified. Please call the Administration Office to set up this service.

Click here for Marina Cove ACH Form
Click here for HRH ACH Form

Front Gate

The entrance gate automatically opens at 6:00 am and closes at 7:00 pm. You can purchase an automatic gate opener from the Administration Office. You can also open the gate by using your personal 5-digit code (which you should have received at your closing).  Instructions for entering your code are posted on the keypad at the gate.  If the gate malfunctions, there is an emergency number listed.  If you have visitors after hours, they may gain access by contacting you and following the instructions on the keypad.  Please do not give your access code to anyone, including delivery   persons, as this defeats the purpose of living in a gated community.

Home Owners Association

There are two homeowners associations in operation at Highlands Ridge. The homeowners of Marina Cove and the Villages of Highlands Ridge Home Owners Association which encompasses the homeowners of Arbor Green, Hidden Creek, Carter Creek, Scottish Links, Oak Run, North Course and the Golfside Villas. The purpose of these associations is to deal with issues of homeownership in their respective areas. Each organization is governed by an elected Board of

Directors.  Regular meetings of their boards and membership, dates and times are posted in the

Gazette,  on the Activities Calendar and on There are minimal annual dues for each association.

Click here to read our HRHOA By-Laws

Gazette Monthly Newsletter

The Gazette is available on the first day of each month through email and online at This is YOUR newsletter and is a valuable resource for staying connected and in touch with all the community news and activities. You may submit articles or advertisements for the Gazette to by the 15th of the month, for the next month’s publication.

Golf Carts

Florida law requires anyone operating a golf cart on any road to be a licensed driver. This is an interactive website for Highlands Ridge residents. Visit this site often to stay current on all the activities, fitness and golf news.  Once you register as a member, you will receive email updates from all areas of Highlands Ridge. can answer most of your questions about this community.

Lawn Care

A lawn mowing service has been contracted by Highlands Ridge to maintain residential lawns. The cost of lawn mowing is included in your common facility fee.

Notary Service

This service is free of charge and only available by an appointment. Please call the Administration Office at 863-471-1115.


Pets are to be walked on a leash at all times. Please do not allow your pets to roam free in any area of Highlands Ridge, including common areas. All pets must be vaccinated according to local laws and dogs must be licensed. We are a pet friendly community which means we enjoy the companionship of pets that have responsible owners. PETS MUST BE CLEANED UP AFTER, NO MATTER WHERE YOU WALK THEM! This includes common areas and vacant lots! Pets are strictly forbidden from walking or running free on any areas of the golf course. If you have guests visiting with pets please inform them of the rules. 

Residents Council

It’s purpose is to promote and sanction resident activities and to be a motivational force in accomplishing the desires of the residents. The Council’s comprised of nine elected representatives from all the Villages of Highlands Ridge.  Annual dues are $5 per person. See the “Residents Council” link on for a complete explanation of what the Council can do for you.  The Council meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month during October to May at 9:45 a.m. in the Activities Room.  All meetings are posted in the Gazette and on

Residents Directory

Please stop by the Administration Office for your copy of the Highlands Ridge Directory. This is a photo directory of Highlands Ridge residents, addresses, phone numbers and email  addresses.  Your first black and white directory is free, however there is a charge for subsequent and/or color directories.  Directory updates are inserted in the monthly Gazette. For additions,  changes, or corrections, to the directory please email

Seasonal Residents

Before you leave, please stop by the Administration Office to fill out a “Summer

Information” sheet.  This will help us keep in touch with you while you are gone. Also, pick up a copy of  the “Gone for the Summer Checklist” to assist you with closing up your house for the summer.

Speed Limit

The community wide speed limit is 20 mph. for all types of vehicles. Please maintain the posted speed limits to provide a safe environment for all of our walkers, bikers and others.

U.S. Mail

The mail is usually delivered by 4:00 pm daily except Sunday. If you are planning to be away for any length of time, please arrange with a neighbor to pick up your mail or request the post office to hold/forward it to you. The postal service does not advise placing any outgoing mail in your mailbox that contains personal or financial information. You should take items of this nature to the post office or a postal receptacle.

Walking & Biking

We are a very busy community, with many residents, an increase in visitors and public golfing, not to mention construction vehicles, all sharing our roads. PLEASE OBEY THE POSTED SPEED LIMITS! When walking, walk against traffic and please carry a flashlight when it is dark. When biking, adhere to biking safety rules. When in your golf cart please use hand signals to let others know if you are turning.

Watering Restrictions

If your address ends in an even number you may water on Thursday/Sunday if you address ends in an odd number your watering days is Wednesday/Saturday. Watering is before 10 am and after 4 pm.

Yard Waste

Yard Waste is collected curbside, every other Friday. For additional Questions, contact Waste Connections. Throwing your trash or yard debris in any dumpster in Highlands Ridge is NOT permitted at any time.


Important Numbers

Emergency 911 In the event of an emergency dial 911.

There are protocols in place with all pertinent emergency personnel that gives them access to the community after hours.

Cable Television Comcast Cable 1-800-266-2278, Direct TV 1-855-852-4388 and Dish Network        1-877-504-0622 all service Highlands Ridge.

Driver’s Licenses/Florida I.D. Cards/License Plate Division of Motor Vehicles is located  within the Highlands County Tax Collectors Office located at 540 S Commerce Avenue in Sebring. Call 863-402-6685 for an appointment, if you plan to get either a Florida ID card or a Driver’s License.

They also have an Avon Park location at 116 E Main Street.

Electricity Duke Energy 1-800-700-8744

For outages please call 1-800-228-8485

Garbage/Trash Collection is provided by Progressive Waste Solutions 863-655-0005.  Household waste and recyclables are collected every Friday at Highlands Ridge.  All bulks items will be picked up every other Friday.  For additional information, the county website is:

Throwing your trash in any dumpster in Highlands Ridge is NOT permitted at any time!

Highlands County Sheriff (Non-Emergency) 863-402-7200

Highlands County Recycling – 863-655-6400

Newspapers The News Sun (863-385-6155) is published and delivered on Wednesday and Saturday.  Highlands Today- Tampa Tribune (863-386-5800) is published and delivered 7 days a week.

Register to Vote Highlands County Elections Office is located at the Highlands County

Government Center at 580 S Commerce Avenue A-201; they can be reached at 863-402-6655.

Telephone Service CenturyLink 1-800-339-1811 is the primary provider. For repair service please call 1-800-788-3600.

Water/Sewer – City of Sebring Utilities Department 863-471-5112 is the water department that    services all neighborhoods in Highlands Ridge.  After hours emergencies call 863-471-0166.

Call 811 before you dig.

Highlands Ridge Home Owners Association

President – Pat Shine
(812) 350-3815 – 

Vice President – Nancy Guillemette
(603) 345-2111 – 

Treasurer – Storme Odell
(802) 299-9804 — 

Secretary – Judy Burmaster
(260) 417-4724 — 


Architectural Control  Committee

Chair –Rick Nicholson
(859) 912-3040, (3540 E St. Andrews Dr) –

Maintenance – Bob Becker
(920) 379-1694, (3036 Oakhill Dr) –

Age Restriction – Terry Suits
(518) 775-8511, (4013 Carter Creek Dr) –


Highlands Ridge Residents Council


Diane Steullet

Kathy Wentworth

Treasurer: Jim Haas

Secretary: Marsha Utley


Jill Thiel

Jenny Bilyeau

Kim Kuster

Rhoda Thiel

Karen Dorman

Sue Surbaugh


Administration Staff – (863) 471-1115